Uncle Morey's Estate

Uncle Morey is wacky, unconventional, and eccentric but he is no fool. He has amassed a fortune over his lifetime. And now he wants to give away portions of his estate to family and friends (but not his "adopted" nephew, Nerdy Ned, pictured with good ol' uncle "M".) But before giving away his fortune, uncle Morey wants to be sure that the people receiving his money know how to handle it. To that end he has developed a game called Uncle Morey's Estate. To come out on top, you cannot rely on luck - just your financial acumen.

How the game is played:

● Online game for 5 to 10 players. The game will create phantom players if you need or want them.

● The object of the game is to amass the most money. You do this by bidding for moves and collecting tokens to be sold back to the game.

● The game is divided into cycles. Three sets of moves (rounds) make up one cycle. The standard game is made up of 3 to 5 cycles.

● Every 3rd, 4th or 5th space on the game board is a token point (game host choice). The first person to land on or cross each token points collect the most tokens. Each subsequent player to land on or cross collects one less than the previous player.

● The number of tokens depends on the number of players. If there are 5 players, the first person collects 5 tokens. The next person collects 4. Etc.

● The highest bidder moves first and farthest. The number of spaces advanced depends on the number of players (like the tokens). If there are 5 players, the highest bidder moves first and advances 5 spaces. The next highest bidder moves second and advances 4 spaces. Etc.

● Bidding starts at $5,000 and increase in $5,000 increments up to $995,000.

● When you bid, you don't actually pay the amount you bid. All bids are added, and an average bid is determined. If your bid is above the average, you pay the difference between your bid and the average. If your bid is below the average, you receive the difference. In this way, the higher bidders pay the lower bidders for the opportunity of moving farther and potentially collecting more tokens.

● The key is to bid intelligently. It is possible to overbid. But it is also possible to underbid and not collect enough tokens.

● All players start with no money. So, the game charges interest on loans and pays interest on positive balances.

● The players set the loan and savings rates at the beginning of each cycle. All players enter their choices and the average for each is used.

● The players also set the price of each token at the beginning of each cycle. All players enter their choices, and the average is used.

● If you make some bad moves on one cycle, you can redeem yourself on the next. At the beginning of each cycle, all players start at the beginning and all token points are "refilled".

● Want to practice? You can play solo. The game will create phantom players for you.

● Go to the Home screen to start a game and give it a try. Click on the (info) links and title links (ex: Home Screen) on the Home, Entries and Messages screens for more instructions. The more players, the more interesting the game. HAVE FUN!!!!!